The new collection of eau de parfum fragrances by source adage NYC are as alluring and intriguing as the brand's ambient fragrances. The seemingly enigmatic name given to each of the fragrances is derived from the native languages of the regions that inspired them. It’s an homage to both the regional landscapes and the rich cultures that inhabited the lands in their most natural state. 

The result is a debut of bold eau de parfum fragrances that are unmistakably “adage”.




From the native Hawaiian language meaning, Red Sunset or, Red Shadow, aka’ula is an intriguingly intense fragrance of volcanic smoke and island spice accords.


Spicy Ginger CO2 extract, Vetyver and Pineapple Leaves warm to Agarwood and Vanilla with rich Coffee and Smoke notes.

Fragrance 20%/vol   50ml (1.7oz)



From the Ahtna language of Southern Alaska meaning, New Moon, c’i’aan [key-on] is a complex fragrance of both warm woodland and fresh arctic accords.


Fragrant Juniper CO2 extract, Spearmint and Apple notes balance a balsamic quality of Fir, Cedar and Amber.

Fragrance 20%/vol.   50ml (1.7oz)



From the Croatoan dialect of the Carolina Algonquians meaning, Great Spirit, monto'ac is an inspiriting fragrance of coastal and forest floor accords.

Purifying Silver Sage, Native Green Grape, Oak Moss and Green Tobacco Leaves blend harmoniously with Leather and Musk notes.

Fragrance 25%/vol. 50ml (1.7oz)