"source adage" draws its name from the concept of a font of common truth. The font of our inspiration is found within the raw, natural beauty of American landscapes and the unique character and distinct personality of each region. Our fragrances are an interpretation of those regions and an homage to their undeniable beauty.

Founders, Robert Dobay and Christopher Draghi photo: Allie Leepson

Founders, Robert Dobay and Christopher Draghi

photo: Allie Leepson


source adage NYC is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand founded by creative directors, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay.

The mission was to craft a superior quality and unique product to compliment the lifestyle of today’s sophisticated consumer. A  distinct product that spoke to a design savvy and discerning market that is drawn to the curated vs. the common.

Christopher and Robert's hands-on approach extends from the branding design through the fragrance development, ensuring each fragrance is loyal to the brand ethos of being distinctive and masculine in character.

Adding to the source adage NYC collection, the pair are overseeing co-branded collaborations crafting signature scents for clients in design, architecture and hospitality.


From the onset, we were determined to present our fragrances in a form that was as sophisticated as the scents themselves. The custom designed “adage” vessel is made from hand-pressed black glass – an elegant object of decor in itself that compliments a curated lifestyle.

The reed diffusers' vessel is in a gloss finish while the the candles come in a "sea glass" matte finish.


In September of 2015, source adage NYC launched its brand and opened its flagship store at 314 Warren Street in historic Hudson, New York. The bold dark facade, grey walls, gallery lighting and eclectic decor create an evocative environment that embodies the masculine character of the fragrances.